The Big Vision Project
Incubator Membership
What is the vision you see with your heart?
  • Are you a smart, ambitious, creative achiever with a bigger vision?
  • Even after all you’ve achieved, do you still long to do something more? 
  • Have you still not completed the one thing that matters most to you?
  • Do you find it difficult to nourish yourself, manage your life and create?
  • Do you ever suffer from Imposter Syndrome or self-doubt?
  • Do you sometimes wonder when it will finally be your turn?
  • Would a nurturing creative community help you show up for your dream?
Your vision (big or small) needs your commitment.
"Create a (r)evolution. Start with your own life."
- Katherine Robertson-Pilling
  • A groundbreaking proprietary system to complete any creative goal so you can finally write your book, make your art, produce your product or make your impact
  • In-depth training to apply this universal system to your project so you can become the person to deliver your unique vision into the world
  • A proven step-by-step roadmap to plan and launch your Big Vision Project so you know exactly what to do to get there from where you are today
  • Innovative resources and tools to help you do the work so you can finally transform your best intentions into real, consistent results
  • A creative community of empathetic achievers so you can stay on track to your goal and stay true to yourself, defusing your fears by staying in action
  • Expert and intuitive coaching with Katherine so you can rise above the chronic voices of doubt in your head to ride the waves of your project with grace and poise
  • Space and Structure to hear your creative voice and fulfill its calling
The Big Vision Project Incubator Membership gives you:
  • Make time and space in your life for your vision
  • Hold yourself accountable to stay on track and complete the work
  • Overcome your limiting beliefs and the old patterns keeping you stuck
  • Clear away the obstacles – internal and external – between you and your goal
  • Thrive with the trusted support of your cohort
The Incubator will help you...
  • A Writer who can’t seem to finish (or sell) your book
  • A Visual Artist wanting more exposure
  • A Musician ready to take the next step
  • A Heart-Centered Changemaker unclear about your next project
  • A Social Entrepreneur with a calling to build something new
  • A Creative Spirit longing for community
If you are...
I am an international creative project coach, creative process facilitator, and author of The Wheel of Creativity®. I help creative high achievers move from the busyholism fueled by lurking self-doubt, to begin and complete their Big Vision Projects, so they can live (and die) without regrets.

In 2001, I was a passionate and successful TV writer/producer. But I was driven to exhaustion by workaholism. A faint inner voice was growing louder, “I just want to lie on my back in the sun with my eyes closed.” And my Life responded: Within months, I had lost my relationship, my home, and my job. Five years before Elizabeth Gilbert published Eat Pray Love, I left the US on my own solo walkabout that ultimately led me to this work. Today I work internationally and live between the US, UK and the South of France.

Your Hunger for “more than this” is sacred. It launches a creative cycle that leads you to back to yourself. The creative journey is not only what you produce, it is the process of becoming who you are.
Choose your level.
If you are...
Self-Paced Online Course (14 video modules) takes you step by step through the entire Wheel of Creativity system... so that you can design your big vision project from the ground up, laying the foundation you need to build and complete your lifelong dream.
Which level is right for you?
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What do you want in your monthly membership?
If you are...
Accompanying Downloadable Worksheets guide you with strategic questions to put on paper the key elements of your project so you can clarify your authentic vision for your project, connect to your big Why, and discover the hidden blocks that can cause you to fail.
Supplemental Video Recordings include a Monthly Planning Session to brainstorm, plan and structure your month, and 24/7 access to a library of Guided Meditations to ground yourself when you need it.
Private Facebook Community connects you with your creative community 24/7 so you can share your discoveries, questions, challenges, successes and insights to maintain your momentum and know you're not alone.
1 Community Connect Call per month brings together the entire Wheel of Creativity community for training, meditation, journaling, sharing, Q&A, brainstorming and more, so you can share your creative journey with others going through the same process.
2 Private Coaching Sessions per month give you personalized guidance focused on your project vision so you can master your mindset, overcome your blocks and take consistent action toward your goal.
Monthly Investment
2 Virtual Studio Days per month provide a structured container for all types of creatives to get work done. This four-hour co-working session blends individual work sessions with hourly check-ins so you can move through blocks and create momentum for your work.
2 Creative Process Groups per month, facilitated by Katherine, include guided meditations, self-discovery exercises, check-ins and feedback in a safe, members-only space, so you can share your truth, master your mindset and increase your creative confidence.
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Suzanne Gamache, Psychotherapist & Property Investor (Leeds, England). 

“One of the things I absolutely love about my work with Katherine and the Wheel of Creativity is that I can just take a step back and say, ’OK, all the negative feelings, the what if’s and if only’s, the chaos, it’s all part of the creative process. It’s just part of life.’ It’s the most effective tool I’ve tried at bringing me out of self-judgment.”
Cal Harris Jr, Contemporary Jazz Musician (Phoenix, USA). 

“I came through this program with major breakthroughs on things that were in my head, but not knowing the path to the results I needed. Now I have a place to launch from for the work I want to do next. This work is not limited to traditional artistic endeavors. It’s about harnessing the creativity within us all that can be used to enhance any area of life. I would highly recommend Katherine’s programs to anyone serious about taking their Art, Business, Relationship, or any other endeavor to the next level! I feel very hopeful.”
What my clients say...
Victoria Alai, Social Entrepreneur (Silicon Valley, USA). 

“It takes a lot of courage to develop something personal, something creative and risky, whether it’s a product or a piece of artwork. It’s the uncertainty: “Am I up for this? Do I have the skills? Am I crazy?” Katherine’s course helped me really dig deeply and ask the kind of questions I was afraid to ask myself?” And then as I went through it, everything just made so much sense. I felt midwifed and validated through the process of launching our alpha software. Katherine’s programs have been crucial for me to get energized through some of my biggest creative challenges and break through my plateaus.”
Joshua Kamara, Athlete, Coach and Property Investor (Sheffield, England).

“With all the distractions in modern-day life it’s hard to keep aligned and focused with your goals. This course gives you the opportunity for alone time, with structured conscious thought to identify your goal, outline the activities and actions required. It takes you to a core understanding, which no other course has provided for me, to realign yourself with your goals, and to understand why you may have suppressed these goals for so long. The impact it’s had on me has led me to real positive change, with both personal gains and a new business.”
Jessica Joseph, Advertising Creative Director (Castries, St. Lucia). 

"When I started Katherine’s program, I was at a crossroads in my life and I knew that my life couldn’t continue the way it was going. I wanted to make a complete change. I knew what I really wanted to do – my heart’s desire – but inside me there was always a lot of self-doubt, Imposter Syndrome. Katherine helped me through that process to give myself and my work the attention we deserved. And then things started happening in quick succession. I was invited to do a series on Wired 868, and that led me to being invited to talk at TED. I never knew that my life experience would open up that new career for me, and I never would have allowed myself to be open to that without Katherine’s support. This program helps you to focus on what is truly important at every level –emotional and intellectual. And I feel a lot more confident going forward. So I highly recommend this program. (Often as creatives, as professionals we can get very much in our heads. And that can be a bad thing. And I’ve met amazing people doing this program – I’ve been cross-pollinated and cross-fertilized by the experiences of others – you really do not feel alone.)”
Diane Lydon, Sales and Marketing Consultant (Sacramento, USA). 

“Katherine has absolutely changed my life. Through her sharing and the Wheel of Creativity I rediscovered a path I’d travelled decades ago, with new perspectives, which lightened my heart. Through my participation in her original 90-day program, there was an absolute shift – a metamorphosis. You don’t change who you are, but you become more of the person who you are. The Wheel of Creativity is a guide, a tool that is always there for you.”
Jim C., Television Producer (Colorado, USA). 

“I came upon Katherine’s online during a period of great transition in my life. I was leaving the state I’d lived in for 30 years. I was leaving the career I was in for 35 years. I was coming into a world with a lot of uncertainty. Taking the course helped me unlock some of my anxieties and fears. It asks a lot of questions, and some can be tough and probing. But it helped me examine things that might have held me back in order to meet the challenges of these new transitions.”
Moulsari Jain, Artist, Designer, Coach (Amsterdam). 

“I instantly felt drawn to the structure of the Wheel of Creativity because it feels familiar in my process as an artist and a designer. Seeing that process so clearly as a framework made it easier to go through in my work over and over again and apply it to different things. Katherine’s course helped me stick to it and see the process through. Katherine is a perfect guide and delivers the entire experience, coaching you through it, in a way that’s really supportive. The Wheel of Creativity is a universal principle that can be applied to any kind of project undertaken by a human, because we’re all creative beings.” 
Mary Gallagher, Author / Trainer (Colorado, USA). 

"The Wheel of Creativity is, in a word, amazing. As is its creator, Katherine. As I moved through the wheel, I was able to gain insight into myself and how I respond to the process of creativity and change. It comforts me to know that I am not lost, just going through the process. Working with Katherine has been a highlight in my creative journey. Katherine pours so much into her work and her clients, giving her all, guiding and supporting with her unique insight and wisdom."
Barbara Basalgete, Social Entrepreneur (Nice, France)

“The Wheel of Creativity has been an effective and consistent compass for me in all aspects of my life, shedding light on where I stand in the cycle of creation, and empowering me in transforming my professional and personal goals into reality. Katherine is a gentle and compelling guide with a deep passion for life. She always asks the right questions and is completely present when she listens. It’s like having your consciousness speak to you; together you arrive at insights that propel you forward in your life goals.” 
The Incubator will show you how to
achieve your Big Vision Project
and live your best life in the process.
 If you feel a tug on your heart, please apply. Because this program is unique for each participant, I hand select only the people I believe will achieve amazing results. Let's have a conversation to explore whether this is a good fit for you. Schedule time in my calendar.